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Baby Bottle Cookies

My boss was throwing a surprise baby shower for her daughter-in-law and asked me to make her cookies!

The invitations were covered in baby bottles of white, pink, and orange – that’s right, a baby girl!! ūüôā I love orange, and this was such a cute color combo.

I bought a baby bottle cookie cutter to make matching cookies. This baby is 5″ tall!


Pink outline…

Filled them in white… because milk is white? I dunno it just made sense I guess.

I  planned on doing pink nipples. I think the very tip ended up looking funny pink, so I did that in orange instead.

On the bottles I did hash marks in pink, and he baby girl’s initials “R.E.C.” in orange.

Love them!

One last thing to mention.. With these cookies I tried adding corn syrup to my icing for the first time. (See this post on icing to see what I am talking about.)

I really liked how much easier it flowed, but I won’t be doing it again. I thought it would make them shinier, but they looked just like my normal icing. I thought maybe they would harden up better, but it was actually the opposite – they still seemed pretty soft after drying for 30+ hours. I bagged them carefully and let them sit over night again before stacking them up for delivery. They were hard enough that they were definitely okay, but I don’t really want to take that risk again. As far as taste goes, I didn’t really notice a difference besides them being softer when I happened to be taste-testing.


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Baby Shower Cookie Favors

From the beginning of the baby shower planning, one thing remained certain – there would be cookies!! I decided to do them as favors instead of dessert because the mommy-to-be wanted cupcakes.

I did baseballs:

And onesies! Have I mentioned how much I love my onesie cookie cutter?!

Each cookie was bagged and tagged and tied with ribbon. I didn’t get any pictures of them bagged. ūüė¶

All those people that I mentioned left early? None of them paid any attention and no one took home cookies!! I left more than half of them with the mommy-to-be, and I actually brought some home with me. (It’s okay because I went to a Giants game the next day so we had baseball cookies to eat there!)

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Baby Shower Giant Cupcake

The original plan was to make cupcakes for dessert, and cookies for favors. The mommy-to-be’s mom asked if there would also be a cake, which got me thinking a cake is kind of necesary for photos and such. I decided to go with a giant cupcake for the cake. Only a few hiccups with this one… okay I am minimalizing it. The cake was sort of a disaster. At least for me.

I bought 2 boxes of yellow cake mix. One for the cupcakes, and one for the cake. Then at 5am the day of baking (day before the shower) I am wide awake and I realize that this is silly. Everything will taste the same! So I decide to make homemade funfetti cake for the cake and leave the yellow cake for the cupcakes.

I had a funfetti recipe** I was dying to try, and how cute would it be with all blue sprinkles! So that was the plan. But then Michael’s didnt have blue sprinkles. Only jimmies without blue at all (too girly) and sugar crystals which I didn’t think would work well baked in a cake for funfetti… So I went to Ross to look for sprinkles. (Sounds like a weird place to look, but I have bought good stuff there before!) The sprinkles they had were good. Not perfect, but good. They were jimmies in red, blue, green, and purple. Ugh the purple was not going to work. So what does my crazy head do? I pick out all the purple ones. Yes I did. Totally crazy.

I baked up my homemade funfetti giant cupcake… it came out of the oven and was so small! It was then that I realized¬†something.¬†Last time I made a giant cupcake I used 2 boxes of mix (because 1 was too small) and there was just leftover batter I used for cupcakes. So here I had 24 cupcakes (one box of mix) and a giant cupcake that might feed 8 people? That’s 32 people served and I was told¬†there would be 43ish people there.¬†¬†This is why I made cake pops also. Again, crazy. But I’m glad I did – they were amazing!

Back to the giant cupcake. I leveled off the base, and slapped on some dark blue buttercream that was leftover from the cookies. While leveling off the top, it started to fall apart. Bottom was done is white buttercream, and the top in light blue. Everything can be fixed with more frosting though right? Eh, it’s up for debate.

I tried doing the bottom with my star tip rather than spreading and piping skinny lines as I have done before. I think I rushed it because there were some gaps…

The best part of it all?! Some people didn’t show up… others came and didn’t eat anything… and some left before gifts were unwrapped and didn’t eat any dessert! So this poor little lovely disaster cake didn’t even get cut. ūüė¶ ūüė¶ ¬†So I don’t have any pictures of the inside of the cake. You’ll have to just trust me that’s it’s funfetti without purple sprinkles!

**The recipe, which I was dying to try, will not be tagged or linked here. In my opinion, it wasn’t very good at all and I don’t want to slander someone else’s recipe. I was so disappointed after reading the rave reviews from the blog I saw it on. I have come across another that I will try, so funfetti might¬†end up on this blog again!

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Cake Pops!

I am helping to throw a baby shower today. On the menu was cupcakes, cake, and favor cookies (all to come in later posts!)… but after the cake (actually a giant cupcake) was baked, I realized it was way too small. I had about 34 servings between the cupcake and the mini-giant cupcake – and over 40 people. Not okay! So I made a last minute decision to make cake pops as well.

I have been dying to try making cake pops lately and since I got the opportunity here I jumped for it! So yes, this is my first attempt at them, and they look pretty darn CUTE if I do say so myself!

For everyone who has never had a cake pop or doesn’t know much about them, here is how it works.

1. Bake a cake in a 13×9 pan.

2. When the cake is completely cool, crumble it finely into a large bowl.

3. Add to the crumbs about 12 ounces of frosting. The cake pop creator and master, Bakerella, says to use store bought. This is where I diverted from the path a bit and used my vanilla buttercream recipe.

**Update: I use my own frosting, and I have no idea how much I put in it. I just add a little at a time, and stir it up, until it’s sticky enough to form balls. But not so wet that it’s going to slide off the stick.

4. Form sticky cake mix into balls (or whatever shape you want really) and set on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Put in fridge for about 15 minutes.

5. Melt candy melts (Wilton, can be bought at Michaels) in microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring until smooth consistency.

6. Remove balls from fridge. Dip the end of a lollipop stick into melted candy coating, then shove it into the cake ball. (Not all the way through, but at least 3/4 the way. You don’t want it to fall off.) Do this for all the balls on the tray, then put them back in the fridge. Let chill for a few minutes so the candy will harden.

7. Remove one cake pop from the fridge at a time and dip into melted candy. If you want it to have sprinkles, this is the time to add them. Stick upright into a styrofoam block to dry. (Or if you want them displayed stick up, just plop it back down on the wax paper – before adding sprinkles.)

I am so excited about these because they were pretty easy overall, look fabulous, and one batch makes over 50 cake pops! The candy melts come in so many different colors, plus the white can be dyed to any color you want (and/or flavored with oil-based flavorings). I can’t wait to get more creative and make more of these! I even added “Cake Pops” as a category to this blog because I know there will be more to come!

So back to the baby shower. Since I sprinkled the tops of the cake pops, I didn’t want to display them stick up, since they don’t look very cute that way. I tried mugs filled with shredded paper, but it just wasn’t supporting the heavy cake pop well. I ended u wrapping my styrofoam block in tissue paper, and then in wrapping paper before sticking the pops back in their holes. Cute huh? I will definitely do this in the future again too!

More baby shower goodies to come!


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Baby Shower #1

This summer there are 2 baby showers I am helping with (and making cookies for!) Both are very good friends of mine, both due in August (within 3 days of each other), both having boys, and both are having sports themed showers!

Shower #1 is a general sports theme. Another good friend of the mom-to-be and myself helped with the cookies, and she brought her cousin too!

*Pause.* I have to be honest up front. I don’t really do sports. I am getting better at getting into baseball for the hubby, but that’s about it. I especially don’t play sports. I won’t even start on how uncoordinated I am, it’s ridiculous. Nevertheless, I thought I knew what all the balls looked like. Good thing I did some google searches for inspiration and didn’t just wing it…

Here are the cutters I used. I had the circle, but bought the rest at cheapcookiecutters.com.

We made baseballs and baseball bats.  I was planning on making the bats brown since I was doing brown already for the footballs (one less color to make, right?) But my husband said NO, they have to be tan. Fine.

Footballs. I like that the laces are on the top rather than the center, it doesn’t look so “fakey.”

Basketballs. Here is where the inspiration came in. If I had done the “wing it” method, I would have done the basketball like this:

Not saying it looks bad, just a little boring. (Don’t mind the crookedness, I just made it in paint to show my point.) Google inspiration gave me an¬†angled¬†look, which is much cuter and I never would have thought of it on my own!

Soccer balls. Similar situation as the basketballs. Except I really just didn’t know what a soccer ball looked like. And after a google search I realized that most¬†people don’t know what a soccer ball looked like. I don’t want to offend anyone specific so instead of giving photo examples, I will just explain and if you care you can do a google search for “soccer ball sugar cookies” and you can see what I am talking about. Most people make the whole ball out of hexagons (6-sides) when in reality, a soccer ball is made up of black pentagons (5-sides) and white hexagons (6-sides). The second inspiration I got from searching for soccer ball cookies is that most people put the first black part in the direct center of the cookie and expand out. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it looks kinda funny. The one photo that I found that had the correct shapes did not center the black part, but rather did it¬†askew. I loved it!

Okay besides all the inspiration above, I wasn’t going to even do soccer balls unless my friend was coming over to help me. I mentioned I don’t do sports.. that would be ESPECIALLY soccer. My friend however, has played her whole life and so she was in charge of the soccer balls. She did a fabulous job!

And lots of onesies! I love my onesie cookie cutter so much!!

A couple more, just cuz they’re my faves:

The cookies fit in perfectly with all the other sports decorations and with the cake!

Phew! While I didn’t make¬†that¬†many cookies, this was quite a project because there were so many different colors and it was hard to plan how much to make of each color so that I didn’t have to make too much icing or buttercream! It worked out nicely and I now know better exactly how much icing is needed to do a certain number of cookies. I learn more every time!

*PS* Are my picture taking skills getting any better? ūüôā


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Baby Cookies!

I went to a baby shower today and I wanted to make just a couple cookies to give to the parents-to-be. Plus I wanted to try out my new ONESIE cookie cutter!! I was so excited about this one. Here is the cutter:

The baby’s name will be Jude Indigo Rule, and the parents are doing everything in green and brown (rather than the traditional blue).



I had SUCH a hard time getting my brown to darken. It just looked like tan/orangish. I finally added a little black and it got much better. My buttercream turned out a lot darker than the icing though because I always forget that buttercream darkens after a few hours. Oh well they still looked so cute! There was only 4 so I came up with 4 unique saying to put on them.

The first one is “Hey! Jude” cuz well, I had to do it…

The second is “Rock ‘n Rule”…

The third I did the initials…

And the last one is “iRule”… I just thought it was a cute saying, but I found out after I gave it to the mom-to-be that that is exactly how the dad-to-be introduced himself to her when they met. “Hi, my name is Russ, and I Rule.” Haha…

I put all 4 little individual wrapped cookies in a little gift bag. I had planned on tying them to the top of the gift I was bringing, but my treat bags were shorter than I thought.

It worked out better anyways cuz other gifts ended up stacked on top of it and they would have gotten broken. And plus it started raining and we had to grab all the gifts and run them to a car. Cookies need protecting! lol.

**This is going to be a cookie summer! Coming up: graduation cookies for 2 different parties and 2 more baby showers!

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