Colorless Lingerie

I have made lingerie cookies a couple times before. Once for Valentine’s Day last year, and again for a bridal shower last summer.

Since then I acquired a new corset cutter, so I had a new design to work with this time. It will take some practice playing with it, but I am pretty happy with the couple that I did.

I also used this opportunity to go for the Colorless Challenge proposed by Georganne of Lilaloa.

It was hard… you have no idea how bad I wanted to throw in some hot pink or bright blue!









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10 responses to “Colorless Lingerie

  1. Vanessa

    So cute love!!

  2. Cute! My next blog challenge was going to be trashy lingerie but we chose famous couples instead.

  3. These are so cute! Your lines are pure perfection too…how do you have such a steady hand??!?!?! Great job Carrie!

  4. So cute! You use buttercream instead of RI? How interesting! Does it dry hard enough?

    • I use buttercream for the outlines and details. It does dry hard enough! And tastes amazing. For the fill I just use a simple powdered sugar & milk icing so that I can get the smooth finish like with RI.

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