Anniversary Sweets

My coworker Jaz asked me to make sweets for his wife for their 3rd anniversary. He said I could make whatever I wanted! He had not yet tried my cookies, so I definitely wanted to include some cookies… and then I thought, what is more romantic than chocolate covered strawberries?! Together they would make a cute little love tray.

Here is the picture I used for color inspiration (since he had no idea what colors would be good)…


… and here are my colors. My pink came out a little more purple, but I still love how they looked together.

Here are the cookies. I stuck with hearts. Cuz they’re all lovey and stuff.

and the romantic strawberries…

On a side note, I know 3 people (they happen to all be men) who don’t like chocolate covered strawberries. Why you might be wondering? Because they don’t like strawberries. WHAT? How is that even possible? They must be aliens or something.

What a lucky lady you have, Jaz!





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12 responses to “Anniversary Sweets

  1. What a pretty platter! How could anyone not like chocolate covered strawberries!?

  2. Those strawberries look GOOD

  3. PRETTY!! I love how you matched the cookies and chocolate covered strawberries! You are so creative:)

  4. I love the colours you chose. Your cookies are so bright and happy and adding the same colours to the chocolate covered strawberries was brilliant.

  5. I love the colors and the drizzles on the strawberrys. It all looks great.

  6. Such a pretty platter! Who wouldn’t want their hubby to surprise them with sweets like the ones you made…I know I would love em!

  7. So pretty- love those colors together!!!

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