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Easter Treats!

After doing a lot of online searches for cookie ideas, I decided to try a new approach with my cookies. In the past I have covered the cookies with butter knives in my icing (similar to Royal Icing, but it was actually my grandmother’s recipe – and way yummier!) and then doing buttercream outlining and details (I picked this up from my aunt). I read a bunch of bloggers how-to’s on sugar cookie decorating with Royal Icing, and decided to try the “flooding” technique with my icing. It worked pretty well and the cookies look great. Unfortunately I did it one color at a time because of the thicker-outlining/thin-it-out-for-flooding part. This led to uneven amounts of cookies in different colors, and no use of sprinkles (I usually do about 1/3 – 1/2 solid colored with sprinkles. Next time I will think it out again to decide which way to go.

I did still do my buttercream for the details because I didn’t want to deal with thickening icing again and the buttercream is SOO easy and hardens just as nicely.

There ended up being about 70ish cookies: I did the names on eggs/butterflies for coworkers. One tray of cookies is going with my mother in law for Easter, and the rest are coming with me to my family’s Easter. (Since I took over making them – my gma used to do it – my family is obsessed with them and looks forward to every holiday.)

So here they are.. I really need to work on my cookie picture taking skills!

So I also chocolate dipped some peeps! I was inspired by this post and since one of my coworkers is OBSESSED with peeps I thought it would be fun to try. Here are the finished peeps waiting to dry:

And to end with a story…

I was baking my cookies and realized I didn’t have enough so I went to the store to buy more cookie dough stuff… While I was waiting for the dough to chill I started out on my icing. The finished ones went on a tray in my back bedroom to be out of my way. I shut the door so that the pets can’t get in there. So then I started in on my baking (music  blasting as always) and finished up right before my husband got home. As he walked around the corner he noticed the back room door was open… my puppy got the door open, knocked down the tray of cookies and was nearly done eating them all! Final count at the end was a loss of 22 cookies! Needless to say I was beyond pissed. And the puppy was on a sugar high till 2am that night!

Take 2 steps forward and 1 step back! 


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