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Make Your Own Treat Stands

I bought this a while back at an antique fair…

You may have seen it in my treat photos here..

and here…

I loved it and thought it was genius. Soon I started seeing them everywhere. I wanted to make my own!

I had seen this tutorial and this post on creating your own treat stands, but I wanted to simplify it even more. If the plate was cute to begin with, there’s no need to paint it! (Besides, paint makes it not safe to directly touch food.)

I picked up some candlesticks and cute plates at various places… thrift store, antique shops, garage sales… all for about $1 each. Then I bought some epoxy at Home Depot.


It took less than 10 minutes to put these together. Just squeeze some of the epoxy on the rim of the candlestick, stick it to the bottom of the plate, then wipe away any excess goop. Let it sit 24 hours and it’s done!


This one I decided to make into a 2-tiered stand, since the plates matched and were different sizes.




You may have seen these stands popping up with treats on them… the sealant I chose is water proof and food safe. If you want to put food on a homemade stand, be careful of the sealant you use.


Here is one more.. I didn’t make this one, but was purchased for me as a gift. I am obsessed with it!






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Domain Registered

I feel so official now!

Look up in the address bar at the top… notice anything?

I am now easier to find! My new website is

If you have me bookmarked, no worries, the old will still work.

Everything else is staying the same for now…

See you soon with more treats!

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Business Card

I delivered my first order today!

My coworker ordered 2 dozen cookies to surprise her daughter on her last day of work.  She insisted that I make and attach a business card in case anyone was interested in ordering any more. This is what I made real quick to send with the cookies:

I actually received a personal ‘thank you’ call from the surprised cookie recipient!

I will be uploading the pictures of the ordered cookies soon!

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