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This is the first thing in a long time that I could not stop eating.

It’s not hard.

Just fun, easy, and yummy. Very yummy.

Oh and I made it look fancy.

If I had had more time, or if I wasn’t moving right now and had a ton of my kitchen packed up, I would have done colored candy melt drizzles too…

I also made some small ones…

I just skewered them on toothpicks. They were a little harder to dip/roll in the chocolate, but they came out so cute!

The white ones above are dipped/rolled in white candy melts then covered in sprinkles, then drizzled like the chocolate ones.

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Cookie Truffle Balls

I found the inspiration for these here. Brilliant! Why did I not think of this sooner when I heard about cake pops? These are basically the same idea as cake pops/cake balls, except instead of using cake, you use cookies!

I baked my normal sugar cookie recipe, making sure to cook them a little longer than normal so they were extra crispy. Then I turned them to dust in my food processor. I guess you could put them in a bag and smash them if you wanted, but I didn’t want to end up with chunks. I used almost a full batch of cookies. (I baked a few for a friend with the same batch, pics of those soon.)

I mixed in cream cheese. I used my KitchenAid for this because it would have taken me forever to mix it in by hand. I just kept adding more until it all started to stick together in a huge clump. it came out to about 1 1/2 bricks. (Oh and I used the kind that’s 1/3 less fat.)

Then I formed balls (just like cake pops) and set them on wax paper. I did a few with sticks, but I left the rest just as balls so they could be cute little truffles.

They sat in the fridge/freezer for a few minutes, then they were dipped in candy melts. These I was making for a friend’s birthday, so I did her favorite colors.

The purple candy melts you buy were kind of a weird color so I added some purple food coloring (Gel kind only, you don’t want to add liquid to candy melts!)

Oh and she has a twin, so I made some for him too. His “favorite” colors are all his sports teams’ colors. I had a choice between red-gold (49ers), purple-silver-black (Kings), or orange-black-white (Giants). I chose red-gold because the ones I was making for his sister were going to be purple and I wanted them to be different. I was trying to figure out how I was going to do gold when I saw these at Michael’s:

They look perfectly gold! So I made them and they looked awesome. Then I tried to move them and they got really messed up and I got SOO mad at myself for trying to move them… so I remade them. Don’t they look awesome!

THEN my friend finally texts me back… see when I bought the “gold” candy melts it occurred to me that some people  are allergic to peanuts. I have known these guys all my life and I figured he wasn’t, but it is still important to ask. Turns out, he IS allergic. Yeah, all his were completely done at this point. (Plus there’s the 3 that I had to redo because I tried to move them.) GRRRRR….

So then I had to redo all of his in red-white. They still turned out great but not as “wow” as the gold ones. Oh well. 🙂

…and then I needed a ride to dinner with them and the friend driving said she’d only pick me up if I made her some treats too. Anyone okay with getting paid in treats  is fine with me! It’s not hard to guess that these were my favorites!

Everyone at work is getting the rest, so I just made them fun colors with what I had left. The ones with sticks actually came out pretty cute too.

I bought these cute little treat boxes at Michaels for the ones that were gifts. I was just disappointed that I couldn’t fit more in each one. Next time I will get the “candy” sized papers and make the balls a little smaller…

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Easter Treats!

After doing a lot of online searches for cookie ideas, I decided to try a new approach with my cookies. In the past I have covered the cookies with butter knives in my icing (similar to Royal Icing, but it was actually my grandmother’s recipe – and way yummier!) and then doing buttercream outlining and details (I picked this up from my aunt). I read a bunch of bloggers how-to’s on sugar cookie decorating with Royal Icing, and decided to try the “flooding” technique with my icing. It worked pretty well and the cookies look great. Unfortunately I did it one color at a time because of the thicker-outlining/thin-it-out-for-flooding part. This led to uneven amounts of cookies in different colors, and no use of sprinkles (I usually do about 1/3 – 1/2 solid colored with sprinkles. Next time I will think it out again to decide which way to go.

I did still do my buttercream for the details because I didn’t want to deal with thickening icing again and the buttercream is SOO easy and hardens just as nicely.

There ended up being about 70ish cookies: I did the names on eggs/butterflies for coworkers. One tray of cookies is going with my mother in law for Easter, and the rest are coming with me to my family’s Easter. (Since I took over making them – my gma used to do it – my family is obsessed with them and looks forward to every holiday.)

So here they are.. I really need to work on my cookie picture taking skills!

So I also chocolate dipped some peeps! I was inspired by this post and since one of my coworkers is OBSESSED with peeps I thought it would be fun to try. Here are the finished peeps waiting to dry:

And to end with a story…

I was baking my cookies and realized I didn’t have enough so I went to the store to buy more cookie dough stuff… While I was waiting for the dough to chill I started out on my icing. The finished ones went on a tray in my back bedroom to be out of my way. I shut the door so that the pets can’t get in there. So then I started in on my baking (music  blasting as always) and finished up right before my husband got home. As he walked around the corner he noticed the back room door was open… my puppy got the door open, knocked down the tray of cookies and was nearly done eating them all! Final count at the end was a loss of 22 cookies! Needless to say I was beyond pissed. And the puppy was on a sugar high till 2am that night!

Take 2 steps forward and 1 step back! 

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I Have a Blog!

I recently discovered how much I love making – creating – things.

I have been making sugar cookies since I was little, but I have been getting more and more fancy with it over the last couple years. My small addiction to buying cookie cutters has helped expand my cookie creating possibilities.

I have also experimented lately with other cookies, cakes, and candy. I decided to create this blog to show off some of my special creations!

Hope you enjoy…

P.S. here are some of my recent creations to kick off the show!

St. Patrick's Day Cookies 2011

Valentine's Day Cookies 2011

Chocolately Chipless Chocolate Chip Cookies

Giant Cupcake

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

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